Public Holidays and Closure Days

  • Public Holidays and Closure Days

There are 9 University recognised/public holidays which normally are: (where these fall within a period of employment)

New Year’s Day; St Patrick’s Day; Good Friday; Easter Monday; 1st Monday in May; 12 and 13 July; Christmas Day; Boxing Day


10 closure days (based on 5 days at Easter and 5 days at Christmas arrangements)

Some departments, e.g. Library, PEC will continue to provide cover over the Christmas and Easter closures.  Where staff are required to work on a closure day, they will be paid at single time and that holiday will be taken at another time as agreed with the management.

Part-Time Working and Job-share

Part-time staff will be on paid leave during those fixed leave periods (bank or public holiday and Easter/ Christmas breaks) that fall on days that they normally work.  For example, if a member of staff does not normally work on a Monday then any bank or public holidays falling on a Monday are not given as time-off-in-lieu; if a member of staff works term-time only, then the 5 additional days at Easter and Christmas breaks are not given as time-off-in-lieu. 

The majority of bank and public holidays do not fall on the same day each year and therefore, over a repeat cycle, part-time members of staff are not normally disadvantaged by this practice.  However, if a situation arises, due to the pattern of working arrangements, that a part-time member of staff receives less bank and public holidays in a year than they would receive if calculated on a pro-rata basis then they will be entitled to take the difference in the amount in lieu.  If a part-time employee's working pattern is extremely unusual or variable, then such exceptional cases should be referred to the Personnel department.

During Sickness Absence

If a member of staff is on long-term sick leave any unused annual leave entitlement plus public holidays and the equivalent of any closure days may be carried into the following leave year with the expectation that such leave will be taken in that year, normally before the end of March.

During Maternity Leave

A member of staff accrues contractual annual leave entitlement while on Ordinary and Additional Maternity Leave. (OML and AML).   She is expected, where possible, to take her full annual leave entitlement in a particular leave year.  However, should this not be possible due to maternity leave arrangements or exceptional circumstances, she will be able to carry over up to the full complement of leave (42 days) to the next leave year, the scheduling of which must be taken by agreement with the Head of School/Department/Unit.