Leaving Employment - Other Categories (Clerical, Technical, Operational)

Clerical, Technical, and Operational staff wishing to resign from the University are required to give notice in writing to the Head of School/Director and the HR Director. Your letter of resignation should be accompanied by a completed Resignation Form. The amount of notice to be given varies with length of continuous service as follows:

- Less than 5 years’ service - 1 month's notice from Employer and Employee

- 5 but less than 9 years’ service - 2 months' notice from Employer and 1 or where possible 2 months' notice from the Employee

- 9 years or more service - 3 months' notice from Employer and 1 month's notice or where possible 3 months' notice from the Employee

In the case of fixed term contracts employment is terminated on the date specified on the letter of appointment.

Employment may be terminated by the University by giving notice (as above) in writing, to end on the last day of a month, or by giving payment in lieu of notice.

Employment may be terminated summarily on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor by the HR Director in the event of gross misconduct.