Queen's University is committed to  creating an environment in which employees feel recognised for their performance, contribution and accomplishments.   The commitment is linked to the three pillars of People First, our People and Culture Strategy – Employee Experience, Culture and Talent and underpinned through the behaviours outlined on our five Core Values, which shape how we work. 

A key People First Promise is for Queen's to become known as a listening organisation and the launch of the STAR (Staff Recognition) Scheme is in response to employee feedback.

There are some great examples of staff being recognised at a local level, which can easily be replicated, such as: 

  • recognising a member of staff at a meeting;
  • sending a thank-you card;
  • asking a strong performer to mentor a junior member of staff; 
  • asking a senior leader to send an appreciative email to the employee; 
  • having breakfast mornings for the team.

The STAR (Staff Recognition) Scheme will help build on the above activities and further embed recognition within the University.  The Scheme is applicable to staff in Grades 1 – 10, Ac1 – Ac4 and ECIT Grades 1 – 5 and allows managers to reward staff via a Performance Award or a Recognition Award.

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