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Job Share Register

The Job Share Register has been created for potential job share applicants in order to enable the University to put prospective partners in touch with each other.

Staff members interested in job share arrangements should add their details to this Register outlining their name, grade, job title, email address, current School / Directorate and Department, preferred job share work pattern.

Ideally, each job sharer should work exactly half time. Sometimes, however, it is convenient to sharers to split the hours on an unequal basis, e.g., one sharer always works two days and the other three.

Please enter your details, on the form, if you are interested in being contacted about potential job share arrangements. If your personal circumstances change please remember to update your HRBP.

More details on Flexible Work Arrangements in the University are available in the Flexible Work Policy.

Note: Please note that putting your name on this Register does not guarantee a permanent job share arrangement.