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Other Leave

Other Leave

The University has developed policies and procedures relating to other types of leave.

  • Jury Service

    Members of staff called for Jury Service will receive full pay during absence from the University for this purpose

  • Reserve Forces and Territorial Army

    A member of staff, who is a member of the Reserve Forces and Territorial Army, and is called up for a period of service or annual training, will, after consultation with the Head of School/Director, usually be granted reasonable paid leave for this purpose in addition to the normal holiday entitlement.

  • Time Off for Public Duties

    The University wishes to play an active role in the community and fully support our employees in undertaking public duties where this is compatible with the priority needs of the University and will grant reasonable paid leave for this purpose.

    Employees who wish to accept certain public duty appointments must first seek permission from their Head of School/Director. In deciding what is reasonable, your Head of School/Director will consider the time required to perform these duties, the amount of time taken off and the effect on the University’s business. Subject to the needs of the School/Directorate, permission will not unreasonably be withheld.

  • Time Off for Trade Union Activities

    Whilst it is recognised that trade union activities are ordinarily conducted out of working hours, the University may on certain occasions grant facilities for meetings during working hours, or partly so, for important issues to be considered.

  • Absence caused by disruption to transport or due to adverse weather conditions

    From time to time there may be occasions when staff are unable to attend work due to circumstances beyond their control particularly in relation to situations where severe or adverse weather conditions hamper travel or where major disruption is caused to transport facilities by weather conditions or other reasons.Where staff are unable to report to work because of disruption to transport or due to adverse weather conditions the following will apply:


    Staff will be expected to take annual leave to cover the period of absence. In circumstances where a member of staff has used all of their leave entitlement then the balance may be taken from leave entitlement for the following year or agreement can be made to take the period as unpaid leave.

    Staff on business

    Where staff are on University business and are unable to return to work the period of absence shall be treated as paid leave. Staff should also be provided with access to advice issued by the Finance Directorate regarding insurance arrangements and reclaiming additional costs incurred.