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We will create opportunities to build the capability of our staff and provide attractive career pathways for academics, making academic excellence easier to understand and attain.

We have reviewed our approach to Academic Progression in response to feedback received from staff and in order to fulfill our People First commitments. Our new approach to Academic Progression is now linked to the Personal Development Review (PDR) process, and both launched on 4 November 2019

You can read more about Academic Progression and view the timeline for 2019/20 below. For detailed Guidelines on the new approach, please download the Academic Progression Guidelines

There are no current exercises open at this time.

  • What is Academic Progression?

    There are two main pathways at Queen’s: Research and Education, and Education only, both of which are of equal value. In recognition of this, a Reader equivalent has been created for the Education only pathway.

    The new Academic Progression process, which integrates Confirmation in Post, Academic Promotion and Professorial Salary Review into a single annual process, is the means by academic career progression is achieved at Queen's.

    Academic Progression is also clearly linked to Personal Development Review (PDR) by building on the career and development conversations between Reviewer and Reviewee and ensuring the appropriate feedback and support is provided to enable employees to take ownership of their own development and progression.

    The new Academic Profiles, which have been developed in consultation with staff, set out the key areas of academic activity (Research/Scholarship, Teaching and Learning and Citizenship), and the criteria which defines the standards expected at each level of the relevant academic career pathway. Performance against the criteria in the Profiles will be evaluated holistically, with overall contributions across and within the three domains being taken into account. In order to progress staff are expected to meet the Profile for their current grade and demonstrate readiness to progress to the next grade.

  • Academic Progression Process

    The timeline for Academic Progression is included below. Applications for progression are due for submission in January each year. Applications will then be considered by the relevant Academic Progression Committee and the outcomes shared with staff after each Committee meets. The salary award will be implemented from 1 August annually. Probationary staff will be confirmed in post with effect from a date after all School Academic Progression Committee has made their decision.

    9 December 2019
    • Queen’s Online (QOL) open for applications

    9 December 2019 – 31 January 2020
    • Faculty Academic Progression Information Sessions
    • During this transition year, those Probationers who wish to be considered for Confirmation in Post should upload their Cover Letter and Academic CV to QOL (QOL > Other > Academic Progression)
    • Academics wishing to progress (to Senior Lecturer, Reader, or Professor (Ranges 1 – 4), including Professorial increment progression, upload their Cover Letter and Academic CV to QOL (QOL > Other > Academic Progression)
    • PDR Reviewer Summary Report sent to Head of School
    • Peer Review of Teaching Report (Probationer's only) send to Head of School

    31 January 2020
    • Application process closes on Queen’s Online at 4.00 pm

    Mid-February 2020 – mid-March 2020
    • School Academic Progression Committee meet

    April 2020
    • Confirmation in Post effective from 1 April 2020*
    • Faculty Academic Progression Committee meet

    May 2020
    • Central Academic Progression Committee meet

    June 2020
    • Central Academic Progression Appeal Panel meet

    1 August 2020
    • Effective date of progression to Senior Lecturer, Reader or Professor (including Professorial incremental progression)

    *if probation period end date is before 1 April 2020, the Confirmation in Post date will be backdated accordingly.