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Employees who feel listened to are more likely to care more. Employees who care more will provide a better experience to our students. This pledge to put out people at the heart of what we do is central to our People First Strategy at Queen’s.

Our Staff Engagement Ethos
At Queen’s University, we strongly support positive and proactive staff engagement to fulfil our People First promise that we will become a ‘True Listening Organisation’. We adopt an approach to staff engagement which is based on trust, integrity, and reciprocal communication.

What is Staff Engagement?
“Staff Engagement is a workplace approach resulting in the right condition for all members of the organisation to give their best each day, committed to their organisation’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organisational success, with an enhanced sense of their own well-being”

(Engage for Success)

Our Approach to Staff Engagement

We have continued to build upon how we engage with our staff using a number of innovative approaches.

One of the ways we measure our staff engagement is through our Institutional Staff Survey, which provides us with really useful information on how our people are experiencing work during key ‘touchpoints’. The results tells us how our staff feel about the organisation and the results have been used to drive improvement through the development of actions at institutional and local level.

We have also established a Staff Forum, which represents all of our employees and focuses on areas which impact on the employee experience. Through the Staff Forum, we ensure our staff have a genuine voice and can co-create solutions to address issues identified in our Staff Survey The Staff Forum has been instrumental in engaging with employees to gather feedback that has shaped for example, the Appraisal review, launch of PDR and Academic Progression. Forum members also worked to support the 2019 Staff Survey and gathered the feedback required to help create the Staff Survey Institutional Action Plan.

For an update on the Staff Survey Institutional Actions, click here.