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Queen’s Fellowship Academy: Year One Overview

Fellowship Academy: Year One, Overview of 2020


Background and Context

This January sees the one year anniversary of the launch of the Queen’s Fellowship Academy on 13 January 2020. Queen’s University Belfast is committed to recruiting, developing and supporting outstanding early career researchers; the Queen’s Fellowship Academy was therefore established to offer a comprehensive range of developmental opportunities to support these future research leaders and influencers with their professional, academic and personal development and progression.

Since its inception last year, currently 34 researchers from across the University who have successfully applied for internal and external fellowships have joined the Academy. In January 2020 there were 31 Fellows and during 2020 a further 7 researchers joined the Academy, with 4 leaving to take up prestigious posts in other Universities. (Currently AHSS: 8; EPS: 12; MHLS: 14.)

The Academy supports the development and progression of Fellows across three core pillars:

  • Research and Funding - From a variety of support services and the academic community aligned to achievement of high-quality research outputs and securing income.

  • Leadership Development – Providing access to academic colleagues and senior leaders to sponsor, mentor and support development.

  • Networking and Impact - Activities to support Fellows to make connections across Queen’s and beyond; to support impact, public engagement and to develop their research profile.

The Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise, Professor Emma Flynn, provides senior strategic leadership and provides updates/reports to the University Executive Board with input and collaboration from Faculties and Professional Support Directorates. People and Culture (Organisational Development) leads on the Fellowship Academy and works with Fellows and other colleagues in Research and Enterprise and the Vice-Chancellor’s Office to deliver the Fellowship Academy initiative, bespoke support for Fellows and events aligned with existing support via individual Schools and Faculties.

Dr. Leila Moura

Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

"The Fellowship Academy has empowered and given voices to all of the University’s Academy Fellows. As a consequence of the Fellowship Academy I feel part of a Fellows’ community and the Queen’s Team. As fellows we receive not only tailored training, support and advice but as a community we get to share our success and learn from others’ challenges.

I am very grateful to Professor Emma Flynn, the EPS faculty, the Organisational Development and Research & Enterprise teams and the many others who have supported the development of the Academy."

Academic Profile Image

LGBT Allies - Professor Emma Flynn

Professor Emma Flynn

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research and Enterprise

“I can honestly say that working with the Fellows in the Academy is one of the most enjoyable parts of my role. Watching them make a significant and positive change to their discipline and to the world has been great. I’m so impressed with how they have come together as a cohort during the pandemic and really supported each other. It makes me feel reassured for the academic leadership of the future.”