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Induction Toolkit

Induction Checklist for New Starters

In order to provide a structured and well-planned induction for a new starter, the Induction Coordinator* should prepare a personalised induction programme. The following is an example of elements which might be covered:

*The Induction Co-ordinator may be a line manager or another member of the team responsible for coordinating the appointee’s induction.

    Name of New Employee Induction Co-Ordinator* Start Date:
    Action Activity Responsible Person
    Communicate Appointment Inform team of new start appointment and start date and add name to staff lists. Induction Coordinator
    Confirm Staff Number Contact People and Culture for confirmation of staff number. This will allow you arrange access to building, set up email, telephone etc. Induction Coordinator
    Prepare workspace and equipment Ensure a workspace is ready for the appointee and that all necessary equipment is in place e.g. PC and phone, including any adjustments required in relation to disability (if needed) Induction Coordinator
    Assign a buddy (if relevant) Assign a buddy to the new starter who should be briefed on their responsibilities. (Induction Buddy Guidelines) Induction Coordinator
    Send welcome email to new employee. An email from a line manager prior to the new start starting can help build a relationship prior to the first day. You may want to include additional information that will help the new start prepare for their new position (Sample Welcome Email) Induction Coordinator
    Prepare an Induction Programme Prepare an induction programme for the new employee based on this Induction Checklist. A number of induction programmes have been developed locally across the University: Induction Coordinator
    Pre-Employment Medical Assessment (if required) Following receipt of pre-employment health questionnaire Occupational Health may need further information from the employee prior to confirming fitness. Depending on the nature of the proposed work, a new employee may be asked to attend Occupational Health for further assessment or health surveillance. Occupational Health
    Visit People and Culture New starts are asked to complete any outstanding administration associated with appointment prior to start date, if practicable e.g right to work documentation, original qualifications, and bank details. New Start
    Name of New Employee Induction Co-Ordinator* Start Date:
    Action Activity Responsible Person
    Visit People and Culture Collect staff card. Staff should carry their staff card at all times. Please note a staff card will only be issued if all documentation associated with appointment has been completed. New Start
    Introduction – University and Work Area Briefly outline Mission, Vision and Core Values and how work area fits into the wider University. A copy of department’s organisational chart and office seating plan will help the new start when it comes to making sense of the initial blur of names and faces. Induction Coordinator
    Introduction – The Team Arrange for the new start to be introduced to other staff in the team/department Induction Coordinator
    Orientation Show the new start the location of staff areas (e.g. kitchen/social areas and toilets) as well as local amenities (e.g. shops, post office, bank).
    Health and Safety It is essential that new employees are made aware of fire safety procedures i.e. fire evacuation procedure, fire-training arrangements, timing of tests; accident reporting; location of nearest first aider. Induction Coordinator
    Culture of work area Make new start aware of hours of work; procedures for booking annual leave; absence/sickness procedure; procedures relating to appointments during working hours (i.e. dentist); internet an e-mail etiquette/usage; parking policy; PERKS. Induction Coordinator
    Mandatory Training Course Make new start aware of the requirement to complete the following on-line courses:
    • Health and Safety Essentials
    • Annual Fire Safety
    • Health and Safety for Computer Users
    • Secure Remote Working
    • Anti-fraud Awareness
    • Email Essentials
    • Freedom of Information
    • GDPR
    • Register of Interests
    • Think Difference, Act Differently
    • Unconscious Bias
    Induction Coordinator
    Office Systems Outline processes for using office equipment such as computer, telephone, voicemail, printer, photocopier etc.
    Give overview of relevant systems e.g. QOL, QSIS, iTrent, QFIS, PLANON (where appropriate)
    Induction Coordinator
    Name of New Employee Induction Co-Ordinator* Start Date:
    Action Activity Responsible Person
    Probation Ensure measurable targets are discussed and communicated in writing to the new start using relevant Probation Form. Induction Coordinator
    Training Identify training and development needs. It may be helpful to refer the Development Goals section of the relevant Personal Development Review (PDR) Form. Induction Co-ordinator/New Start
    Monitor and Evaluate Plan for ongoing regular review meetings in line with the relevant Probation Process Induction Co-ordinator
    Mandatory Training Course Ensure all on-line mandatory training is completed New Start
    Attend Welcome and Orientation events These sessions complement induction at local level. Staff will receive an invitation to the most appropriate event for their role. People and Culture