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Other Sources of Learning and Development

Other Sources of Learning and Development

  • Educational Development

    Centre for Educational Development Academic and Student Affairs

    The Centre provides expert support to enhance education provision within the University. CED offers consultancy and a range of professional development activities supporting key educational initiatives, curriculum development, learning, teaching and assessment, student engagement and progression.

    Contact CED:

  • Information Services Learning

    IT Training

    The IT Training and Assessment Unit offers staff members a range of training courses and self-study resources in IT Skills. The aim is to help colleagues and students use IT in ways that make them more effective and efficient in their work and studies.

    Contact the IT Training and Assessment Unit

  • Training for Mediasite

    Offered by Information Services, Mediasite is a rich media platform managed and supported by Information services. It affords University staff the ability to create, manage and distribute video content, presentations and rich media anywhere in the world. Mediasite can integrate with learning environments such as QOL or Moodle.

    Contact MediaSite:

    Visit the Content Management System website here for information on training.

  • Finance Learning and Resources

    Finance Directorate

    Finance learning is open to all staff. Courses are delivered in a classroom-based environment or via e-learning and offers resources on:

    • Accounting, VAT and Pensions
    • Budgeting, forecasting and TRAC
    • Compliance and governance
    • General finance
    • Procurement
    • Research finance
    • Systems

    Contact Finance:

  • Health and Safety Learning

    Safety Learning covers a range of courses and guidance. Themes include:

    • Health and Safety Induction for New Staff
    • General Risk Assessment
    • Computer Workstation Risk Assessment
    • Manual Handling
    • Health and Safety Management (for Managers, Supervisors, Safety Officers and Coordinators
    • Chemical Safety (COSHH)

    Contact Safety Service, Estates Directorate:

  • QSIS Training

    The QSIS support team offers a range of documentation, simulations and training courses for users of the integrated student system administering all the functions related to the student lifecycle.

    Contact Academic and Student Affairs:

  • Learning for Diversity and Inclusion

    Resources include:

    • Bullying and Harassment Training
    • Anti-Harassment Advisor Training
    • Recruitment & Selection Training (necessary for those staff who sit on interview panels
    • Transgender Equality (delivered in partnership with SAIL NI)
    • Sexual Orientation Training (delivered in partnership with The Rainbow Project and Stonewall)
    • Disability Awareness Training (delivered in partnership with Employers for Disability NI). The training above is in addition to two mandatory e-learning programmes: "Think Difference, Act Differently" and "Unconscious Bias", which all staff must undertake via Queen's Online.

    Contact the Diversity and Inclusion Unit:

  • Support for Researchers via Research and Enterprise Directorate

    Includes guidance and resources on PURE Research Portal, Ethics, Governance, Funding, Working with Partners and Commercial Development.