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Wellbeing at Queen's


"We will create an open, positive and supportive working environment where all our employees feel confident to bring their whole self to work."

It’s important that we take care of our mental health, just as much as our physical health. In the UK, it is estimated that one in six workers are currently dealing with a mental health condition at work; with one in four people being affected by mental ill-health each year. Awareness of mental health issues in the workplace is growing, and we are putting in place many interventions to help support the wellbeing of our staff and to develop and sustain a healthy working environment. The other themes, Physical Health, Home Life and Be Connected, are also linked to keeping a Healthy Mind, so please click on these for more information and advice.


Check out the list of events and information sessions below, organised by the Wellbeing team, with up to date information and booking instructions on our Wellbeing Calendar of events. These events will also be advertised via Round Up, providing you with booking instructions closer to the time.

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace
    Delivered by Mindfulness NI, this workplace mindfulness session will leave participants with a set of simple, yet powerful, practices that can be incorporated into everyday life, in order to enhance personal wellbeing and happiness and therefore make help the workplace a more people-centric environment and more effective. Caroline from Mindfulness NI will introduce staff to the idea of mindfulness and will present some of the scientific research that supports our knowledge of its effectiveness through experiential exercises and teaching. The practical mindfulness exercises give an experiential flavour of the approach and participants will receive a small three-minute meditation that can be used with great effect in the course of their daily life.
  • Stress Awareness: Information Session
    A briefing for staff on the services offered by Inspire NI and advice on details on when you should contact them.
  • On-site Holistic Therapies

    Delivered by Nightingale Holistic Therapies, their goal is to provide quality, affordable massage to staff, with an aim to help de-stress and rejuvenate during the working day. Massage treatments are available at a discounted price for staff:

    • £10: shoulder and neck massage (15mins)
    • £15: shoulder back and neck massage (30mins)
    • £25: full body massage (45 mins)
    • Booking details

      To arrange an appointment, please contact Moyah via Facebook or call 077 1356 3036. The therapies take place in room 02/005 in the Peter Froggatt Centre.

  • Stress Control Programme

    This six-week programme (one class per week) delivered by the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust (BHSCT), will teach skills and techniques for managing stress. Topics covered include: an overview of what stress is; controlling your body; controlling your thoughts; controlling your actions; getting a good night’s sleep; and planning for the future. Note: this class is not ‘group therapy’ and you do not have to talk about personal difficulties in front of others.

    As this programme is offered free of charge by the BHSCT, please feel free to bring a friend or family member with you.

  • Mood Matters

    There are two Mood Matters sessions offered: one for employees and one for managers. Both are delivered by AWARE NI


    This session deals with unhelpful thinking, stress and low mood in a relaxed and interactive way and includes the following:

    • breaking down stigmas around mental health
    • triggers for stress, signs and symptoms and how to manage
    • signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression and their treatments
    • self-care techniques that promote resilience and a healthy mind
    • learning about depression; the role of self-help in improving mood
    • sources of support and help for yourself and others


    This is an interactive programme that allows participants to improve their awareness of mental health issues in the workplace. The course also encourages you reflect on the learning and how it will have an impact your interactions with others at work, and how your personal style can have an impact on others.

  • Make Blue Monday Brew Monday
    Take the time for a cuppa and a chat and come along to help turn the ‘most difficult day of the year’ on its head by joining the Samaritan’s Brew Monday event.