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Wellbeing at Queen's


"We recognise the challenge of managing home life and work commitments and support our staff to strike the right balance."

There are many triggers and events in our life than can impact our overall wellbeing. Please find below some information on talks and events you may find useful.


Check out the list of events and information sessions below, organised by the Wellbeing team, with up to date information and booking instructions on our Calendar of Events. These events will also be advertised via Round Up, providing you with booking instructions closer to the time.

  • Financial

    We think about improving our physical wellbeing through things like eating well and exercising. But what about your financial wellbeing? Financial worries or concerns can affect your physical and mental health, impairing sleep and concentration. Four in ten workers say money worries have made them feel stressed over the last year, 25% of those say they have lost sleep over money worries and one in eight workers report that money worries have affected their ability to concentrate at work. So, it’s an issue the University takes seriously.

    Financial Wellness Advice

    Information sessions are delivered by local partners (Bank of Ireland, Ulster Bank, Advice NI, Kith & Kin), and can help to break down some of the barriers to financial wellbeing by providing you with the guidance and resources you need to make more informed decisions and help improve your financial wellbeing.

    Topics such as managing your money, borrowing sensibly, buying your home, planning for your family’s future, and more will be covered. The sessions also highlight external organisations that can further enhance and support your financial wellbeing.

    One to One Financial Health Clinics

    The Wellbeing Team are engaged with local partners such as Bank of Ireland, Ulster Bank and Advice NI to assist staff with Financial Health Clinics. These clinics help staff view their finances to help plan for the future through short term, medium term and long term goals. This includes applying for mortgages, loans and savings. Information is also provided on how to manage debt. Workshops will also be provided to staff to give an overview of information.

    Supporting Good Financial Wellbeing

    Financial worries can negatively impact on our mental health and, in times of uncertainty, this stress can escalate. Business in the Community have developed a factsheet that outlines steps that support good financial wellbeing for individuals and provides signposts of where to seek financial and wellbeing support and advice, during and beyond the Covid-19 crisis.

  • Parents

    Juggling the responsibilities of childrearing with the demands of work can take a toll on working parents. The Modern Families Index 2017 says a third feel burnt out and up to 90% find balancing work and parenting stressful.

    Parenting seminars

    Working parents face challenges in balancing their work and child-rearing responsibilities, particularly while their children are young. Achieving this balance is important for the wellbeing of parents and their children. Delivered by Parenting NI, these seminars discuss a range of parenting skills and cover topics such as being an effective parent, setting rules and consequences, and digital parenting.

    Children’s Summer Scheme

    The Summer Scheme at Queen’s Sport is a popular programme that offers children aged 6–14 a high-quality activity experience. Children can learn new skills that promote an active lifestyle by providing opportunities to try new sports in a fun and supportive environment. Staff members have access to reduced rates.

  • Carers

    Across the UK today 6.5 million people are carers, supporting a loved one who is older, disabled or seriously ill. That’s around 1 in 8 adults who care, unpaid, for family and friends. Within our lifetime, there will be 9 million carers, and each carer’s experience will be unique to their own circumstances.

    The Queen’s Carers’ Network

    Supported by Carers NI, this Network provides working carers with the opportunity to come together and share experiences, discuss issues, ask questions and arrange informal catch-ups. Any member of staff wanting to make contact with the network should email Wellbeing at Queen's.

    Support for Carers – Carers NI

    Looking after someone can be difficult – but you needn’t be on your own. Carers NI make sure local can get accurate and up-to-date online information about their circumstances. Visit the Carers NI website for more details. You can also find out where your local carers network support group is to help to connect you with people who understand your situation.