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Reward and Recognition

Reward and Recognition

Queen's University is committed to creating an environment in which employees feel recognised for their performance, contribution and accomplishments. The commitment is linked to the three pillars of People First, our People and Culture Strategy – Employee Experience, Culture and Talent and underpinned through the behaviours outlined on our five Core Values, which shape how we work. A key People First Promise is for Queen's be a true listening organisation, the STAR (Staff Recognition) Scheme was introduced in response to employee feedback.

The STAR Scheme allows managers to reward staff via a Performance Award (annually) or a Recognition Award (real time).

  • STAR Scheme - Performance Awards

    The Performance Awards are annual awards, based on performance and contribution during the academic year, 1 August - 31 July.‌

    Since normal incremental pay progression already reflects an expectation of continuous performance and growth in role, any nomination for a Performance Award must clearly articulate how the performance and contribution is exceptional and sustained.

    The award will consist of a one-off payment, to the value of one increment and will be subject to employee tax and national insurance. An award will be consolidated if an employee receives a Performance Award two years in a row (previous Discretionary Awards will not be taken in to consideration).

    Heads of School/Directors will be able to nominate staff for a Performance Award on QOL up to 4 December 2020. Decisions will be made by 29 January 2021, with Performance Awards paid in February.

  • STAR Scheme - Recognition Awards

    Recognition Awards allow managers to recognise staff for instances of exceptional performance and contribution in their role.

    This process will run throughout the year to allow managers to recognise success in real-time, through an online voucher portal. The vouchers offered will be in denominations of £10, £25 and £50.

    Recognition should revolve around the behaviours and process taken by staff to reach the end results. The criteria has been linked to specific behaviours that are aligned with Queen's core values.