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Phasing Back to Campus Pathway 2021

A Guide for Managers and Staff

The Covid-19 Pandemic remains with us and as such, there is uncertainty about what the future weeks and months will bring. However, as the NI Executive eases restrictions and society begins to cautiously re-open, we are committed to providing clarity for staff where we can on our position here at Queen's and how that impacts the way in which we work - albeit with the reminder that our plans may have to change suddenly and with little notice in response to developments beyond our control. This webpage provides information about our Phasing Back to Campus Pathway, setting out our plans for a safe and responsible return that follows both the Public Health advice and the requirements of the NI Executive.

The diverse work undertaken here at Queen's aligns with a number of the Northern Ireland Executive's Pathway out of Restrictions. Progress within each of these Pathways is different, with some areas moving through the Phases at a faster speed than others. However, for the purposes of our Phasing Back to Campus approach, we will focus on the 'Work' pathway while acknowledging that other Pathways, particularly the Education and Young People pathway, also have a strong influence on our core activity here at Queen's and will therefore influence what roles are required to be carried out on campus.

The position taken within the 'Work' Pathway remains as it has been for some time: those who can work from home should do so. Therefore, our position likewise remains the same: if you are able to work from home, you should do so. Alongside this, and in line with progress within the other relevant NI Executive pathways, colleagues carrying out essential work will continue to do so on campus.

Essential work is typically:

  • student facing;
  • preparing for the return of students to campus that cannot take place remotely;
  • required to support our research activity; and
  • operational tasks that have to be undertaken on campus.