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We value and recognise the contribution made by our employees and are committed, where reasonable, to maintain security of employment. We will therefore make all reasonable efforts to support employees at risk of redundancy or who may be subject to redeployment for other reasons, to continue their employment at Queen’s.

Employees on fixed term contracts will automatically be placed on the Redeployment Register six months prior to their contract end date whereas other employees will be placed on the register as appropriate. Access the Regulation relating to Fixed Term Appointments here. The effectiveness of the redeployment process is dependent on the full engagement of all parties concerned.

The purpose of Redeployment is to help avoid redundancies and enable consistent, fair and effective redeployment to take place. The University will also strive to ensure that all eligible employees are given guidance and assistance in obtaining suitable, alternative employment within the University.

The Redeployment Portal advertises jobs solely for redeployees who will have an opportunity to apply for a vacancy prior to the job being advertised either internally or externally.