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‌View the full programme for AULC 2017 Conference directly below. 

The full programme including authors' names and session titles is now available. To view abstracts, go to the following page:

ABSTRACTS NOW AVAILABLE: Link to full list of Abstracts for AULC 2017

Thursday 12th January

Time Title

Tea & Coffee | Opportunity to visit exhibition space


Welcome Talk
Dr John Morley, Chair of AULC, University of Manchester
Pam McIntyre, Language Centre Manager, Queen's University
Welcome from Queen's University Belfast


Opening Keynote Talk: Translation and Translation studies in the Foreign-Language Classroom
Professor David Johnston, School of Arts, English and Languages, Queen’s University


AGM Vote
Dr John Morley, Chair of AULC, University of Manchester


Parallel Session 1:

    • Caroline Campbell - (Leeds) Room 1
      Using Student-Centred Assessment to Inspire Learners

    • Donata Puntil & Silvia Colaiacomo - (Kings College London) - Room 3
      The International Classroom Project

    • Liza Zamboglou - (Queen's University) - Room 4
      Making the most of free online tools and technologies for language learning & teaching

    • Alexander Burdumy- (Durham) - Syndicate 6
      Supporting Language Learners through Phonetics Tutorials


Lunch in the Isdell Courtyard, Riddel Hall
The exhibition space will be open throughout


Parallel Session 2:

    • Catherine Xiang - (LSE) - Conference Room   (Virtual Presentation via Skype)
      Building the Links: Rethinking the Roles Language Centre Plays in Wider University Activities

    • Carolin Schneider & Melinda Whong- (Leeds) - Room 1
      Developing Co-curricular Language Learning Activities

    • Christine O’Leary- (Sheffield Hallam) - Room 3
      Fostering Learner Engagement and Autonomy through Assessment

    • Diego Soto Hernando - (Exeter) - Room 4
      New Dynamics in Teaching Pronunciation for English-Speaking Students


Discussion Groups:

    • Mark Critchley- (Durham) - Room 1
      Programme/ Centre Management

    • Benoit Guilbaud / David Tual - (Sussex / Cambridge) - Room 3
      Languages for Special Purposes

    • Andrew Grenfell - (Newcastle) - Room 4
      Teaching and Learning Support / Technology

    • Chiara Cirillo - (Reading) - Syndicate 6
      Professional Development

15:15-15:45 Tea & Coffee to be served in the exhibition space

Keynote Talk: Multilingual and Creative: Rethinking University Language Classrooms
Libor Štěpánek, Masaryk University LC


Parallel Session 3:

    • Judy Barker- (Worcester) - Room 1
      Blended learning and continuous assessment: mixing and matching

    • Thomas Smith - (Queen's University) - Room 3
      Language Centres – Non Academic, Academic Support Units

    • Nobuko Ijichi - (UCD) - Room 4
      New ways of Learning Japanese through ‘Beyond the Classroom’ engagement

    • Daniela Standen & Ugo Marsili- (Reading) Syndicate 6
      Encouraging Students to Learn Deeply and Broadly

18:30-18:50 Language Centre Tour - short guided tour will depart from Borrower Services Desk in McClay Library (20mins)
19:00-19:30 Arrival Drinks reception

Banquet Dinner
in The Great Hall followed by networking in the Canada Room & Council Chambers Bar

Friday 13th January

Time Title

Morning Refreshments
Tea & Coffee | Opportunity to visit exhibition space

09:30-10:15 Plenary: Exploring Multilingualism and Identity: the benefits and challenges of a large interdisciplinary project
Professor Janice Carruthers,
Professor of French Linguistics, Strand Lead, AHRC Open World project, MEITS,
School of Arts, English and Languages, Queen’s University

Parallel Session 4:

    • Geraldine Crahay- (Durham) - Room 1
      Raising Learners' Interest through advertising

    • Inés Alonso Garcia & Helen Mayer - (LSE) - Room 3
      Improvisation for Language Learning

    • Andrew Grenfell- (Newcastle) - Room 4
      Providing languages for All and much more through digital media

    • Khalil Estaytieh- (Bath) - Syndicate 6
      Building bridges in language and culture outside the classroom with the Arab world


AULC AGM, Survey on IWLPs and CERCLES update
Dr John Morley, Chair, AULC


Morning Break in Isdell Courtyard
The exhibition space will be open throughout


Parallel Session 5:

    • Juan Muñoz López & María García Florenciano - (Leeds) Room 1
      Authentic Materials and real tasks, Enhancing students’ employability, intercultural Awareness and communicative competence

    • Juan Garcia Precedo & Jordina Sala-Branchadell - (Exeter) - Room 3
      Facing the 9k Generation Challenges Online: The Network of Student Projects at Exeter

    • Patrizia Lavizani- (Leeds) - Room 4
      The Italian Digital Project

    • Ali Dickens - (Southampton) - Syndicate 6
      Making Intercultural Connections

12:45-13:00 Final Remarks & Close
Dr John Morley,
Chair, AULC