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Eventbrite - Arabic (Level 1A) - January 2018

Bengali Language FlagBengali - Level 1

Level: Beginners
Duration: 10 weeks
Course Textbook:

Not required


Learning Objectives: Students taking the level 1 course are not expected to have any previous knowledge of the language. The aim of level 1 is to introduce students to the language, the culture and basic grammatical concepts and to equip them with the skills to communicate at an essential level in a target language context.

Topics covered include: Welcome to the course, introduction alphabet, numbers 1-10, basic greetings; Giving personal information (name, age, where you live); Talking about our family, descriptions; Places in town and directions; At the restaurant; Shopping; Transport; Countries.

Learning outcomes: Students will have developed a beginner’s vocabulary in the topic areas outlined above so that they can communicate at a basic level in the language. Students will understand basic words and phrases. Students will be able to formulate simple sentences.