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Common Issues

  • I can’t access my email on my mobile phone/tablet

    I can’t access my email on my mobile phone/tablet

    You may need to change your email settings or remove and set up your account again. See below for more information on this.

  • My username is not accepted.

    The format of usernames has changed.:

    Old format: ads\staffnumber

    New format:

    *Please Note: Postgraduate students please replace all references of staffnumber with studentnumber on these pages

  • My email archives are missing from Outlook

    You will need to re-open your email archive files. In Outlook 2016:

    1. Click File, Open & Export, Open Outlook Data File
    2. Browse to the location of your archive files. The default location in Windows is C:\Users\Username\Documents\Outlook Files
    3. Select the archive file and click Open
    4. Repeat the process for each archive file. The archives should then appear in the navigation pane in Outlook.
  • Settings for Exchange Online

    Mobile device settings for Exchange Online


    Domain:  Leave blank


    Password: QUB/QOL password


    IMAP settings for Exchange Online

    Inbound server:

    Inbound server port: 993

    IMAP Encryption method: TLS

    SMTP/Outbound server:

    SMTP/Outbound port: 587

    SMTP Encryption method: STARTTLS


    Password: QUB/QOL password


    Password: QUB/QOL password