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KACE SMA (Systems Management Appliance)

KACE SMA (Systems Management Appliance)

As a core tenet of the University’s Cyber Security strategy, Information Services are implementing monthly security updates on all computers to reduce the risk of computers being compromised/hacked.

To achieve this a new service KACE is being implemented across the University.

Within the next few months all IS managed computers (desktops, laptops & tablets) currently on Active Directory will be added to the KACE service.

How will this affect me?

Notice will be given to you as to when your computer will be added to the service via your line manager.

Adding your computer to the KACE service will be transparent and doesn’t require any interaction from you.

On a monthly basis IS will install the latest security updates to your computer.  If you dont regularly reboot your computer you will receive regular pop-ups requesting you to do so (as illustrated below).

The KACE service will never force a computer reboot, but will remind you to do so. 

As per the University's 'Green Impact Scheme' please ensure your computer is powered off when not in use.


We appreciate your co-operation in this exercise.  If you have any other queries please contact the IT Service Desk.

Updated 14 February 2019