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Mediasite is a rich media platform managed and supported by Information services. It affords University staff the ability to create, manage and distribute video content, presentations and rich media anywhere in the world.

Whether you need to create content from scratch or share existing material, Mediasite can help. Integrating with learning environments such as QOL or Moodle, Mediasite is a one stop shop for all of your media content. How you use it is up to you, limited only by your imagination!


With the power of modern computing, creating high quality content is easy!

There are many content creation tools available, however Mediasite does offer its own, proprietary Desktop Recorder.  You are free to use this on or off campus and on University or personal devices. As it does not require an internet connection, recordings can be made anywhere. ‌‌

Depending on the operating mode, the Desktop recorder will afford you some flexibility to modify and change your slides at a later date.

The desktop recorder will work with the basic camera and microphone built into your laptop's screen, alternatively, you can use externally connected equipment. If you look in the resources section of this site you will find some recommendations. 



Managing content effectively is one of the keys to success. 

As your use of video increases, so does the demand on storage and resources to manage it. Mediasite affords you an easy to use, collaborative, online space to manage your media. From here you can publish and share your content, manage permissions and security, add links, chapters and external content from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Using the online editor, content can be tidied up. Whether you want to trim the beginning or end, remove a section or replace a slide Mediasite offers that functionality with absolutely no prior knowledge of video required. 



It is only great if people can watch it!

As a propitiatory video platform, the real power of Mediasite lies in the back office, if all goes well, this is the part you don't need to learn about. Delivering content over the internet in today's world to so many devices, utilising so many standards and connection types is a complex task. Mediasite addresses this in 2 ways, the first by offering different types of stream format and the second by using adaptive bit rate technology, ensuring that the viewer gets the appropriate quality of video based on their internet connection etc. 

Security is an important aspect also. All Mediasite content is delivered over a secure connection protecting both your details and indeed your content. 

Ensure your content goes global

International delivery of content such as email and documents across the internet today is relatively straightforward. Global delivery of rich media content is much more difficult. Mediasite can help with this issue by ensuring that traffic takes the optimum route, resulting in a much improved user experience for the student. 

If you are planning a Distance Learning course, or support students who are abroad, talk to Media Services to ensure that you are getting the best services on offer.