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This page is a melting pot of things that may help you along the way. Mostly its just sign posts to useful content elsewhere on the web but there is a download section allowing you to pull down a variety of guides and sheets. 

If you have a suggestion for this area please get in touch: mediasite@qub.ac.uk


Analytics are a great way to get to know your content, your audience and class trends. Maybe you need to find out if a class has engaged with a piece of coursework or if they are struggling during lectures, perhaps you want to find out if a marketing campaign has been a success. Mediasite analytics are there to provide you this information, both in an easy to use graphical form and in an Excel format, these real time stats are available right from My Mediasite and are available on demand. You can get some more information on analytics here: Sonic Foundry

What about the viewer?

An introduction to the Mediasite player. This video was produced to share with students and staff who may receive Mediasite presentation to view. This will ensure that they get the most out of it and make use of all the features available to them. You can use this code to share it: https://mediasite.qub.ac.uk/Mediasite/Play/3b851e7ea34e406c878d2ca57f0ba8071d

Is your content accessible?

Accessibility is an important issue, not all users are the same. Some may find hearing difficult, some may be in an environment where audio is not an option etc. Historically subtitling and transcription was a time consuming process, this has changed. Mediasite has a direct integration with titling provider 3Play media. This allows users to submit content for transcription and closed captioning automatically from the Mediasite interface. Although it is a paid-for-service, the cost is minimal and ensures that you comply with current regulations. There is no need to title every piece of content you make but public facing content as a starting point definitely needs to be accessible to all. 

Keeping you copy (right)

Copyright is an important issue. The term 'educational use' unfortunately is not a license to use any content you like and while some content may be available for review and critique purposes in certain circumstances it is by no means a catch all solution. You can download a basic guide here

If you are simply looking for images etc, a wealth can be found online under the Creative Commons agreements. Sites such as http://compfight.com will help you find such images. There is a wealth of information on the net along with information on Creative Commons. If you are looking for infographics or diagrams etc quite often an email seeking permission for use may be all that is required. 

British Universities Film and Video Council run a good course on this, alternatively, JISC have a short online course that may be useful. 

Cursor Highlighter

The cursor highlighter tool is a great way for viewers to keep track of your mouse, especially for software demonstrations. You can download it here. Don't worry its coming from a QUB server and should download quickly. 

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