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Q: Drive

Network Drive Q

Q file storage is a centrally administered secure area on Queen’s servers for staff and students to store files. Data stored on the Q: Drive is backed up by Information Services with back ups retained for 1 year.

Network Drive (Q) consists of:

  • Q:\Staffhome (or Stuhome) - a home drive used to store personal files
  • Q:\StaffShare - a shared drive used for departmental files (Staff only)

Over the next few years, Queen's will be migrating data storage to the Cloud (OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint Online) as part of our Digital Transformation strategy (see the Information Services Plan for more information).

The Q: Drive will remain available for the foreseeable future but consideration should be given to using or migrating to Cloud storage when extended back up is not a key requirement (Cloud storage is backed up for approximately 3 months).

Recommended for

Q: Personal

  • Personal storage, for example draft documents, personal expense reports, or documents that no one else needs to see

Q: Shared

  • Sharing documents across a wider audience withing a Faculty, School or Directorate
  • As the Records Management System (RMS) or permanent storage for a Faculty, School or Directorate
  • As the final repository for a Project documentation set when the project concludes in Teams

For further information on Q: Shared click on 'More on Q: Drive' at the top of the page.