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  • Who Administers the Q: Drive?

    The Q: Drive is managed by Information Services.

    Access to Q: Drive resource is automatically set up for all students. Access for staff is requested by contacting the IS Service Desk via Queen's Online.

  • How much storage does the Q: Drive offer?
    • Q:\Stuhome storage offers 3GB per individual
    • Q:\Staffhome and Q:\StaffShare storage have no defined upper quota applied. Usage is monitored and automatically extended for staff storage of business data.


    Note: Usage is monitored and personal data such as photographs or music may generate a request for removal of such data.

  • Can I share folders and files on the Q: Drive?

    All users with allocated capacity within the Q: Drive have full read/write privileges for their own allocated account on Q:\Staffhome (or Stuhome). These drives are by default restricted to access by the defined user only. The user can however grant to other users, read or read/write access to a folder or subfolder if they wish.

    Access to Q:StaffShare folders is granted on a read or read/write basis to defined users. This list is authorised by the sharefile owner but administered by the IT Systems & Services team in Information Services.

  • How can I access data on the Q: Drive?

    On-Campus: Log into a local computer using your student/staff number and password (or ads\staff no). Files are accessible from any networked PC.

    Off-Campus: Use Citrix. Files can be accessed from anywhere around the world where an internet connection is available.


  • Is the Q: Drive backed up?

    Yes. Information Services backs up the Q: drive.

    A range of automatic tools are used to secure data ranging from daily snapshots, to universal and incremental backups allowing the recovery of single file, sub folder or full folder recovery in incremental steps up to 1 year.