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Mobile App Help

Thanks for downloading and using our mobile app. This app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Once logged in you will see that the app gives you access to a number of pages laid out in tabs. Each tab is discussed in more detail below, but the current tabs are:

  • Home
  • PC Availability
  • Map
  • Timetable
  • Library
  • Smart Card


To use this app, you must be a current student or staff member of the University with an active user account and have a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

On launching the app, you must accept the Terms and Conditions before continuing to sign in using your student or staff number and your usual University password.


Using the tabs

  • On Android, the tabs are laid out at the top of the page, and to navigate the tabs you can slide them back and forth to see the other available tabs.
  • On iOS, the tabs are laid out at the bottom of the page, and you must click the More option to see more tabs.

These differences are native to the User Interface guidelines associated with the different operating systems.

When you select a new tab, the contents of that tab are updated in real-time.

Side-Bar Menu

The app has a Side-Bar menu.

  • To see this menu on Android, touch the hamburger icon (represented by three horizontal bars) in the top-left-hand corner.
  • To see this menu on iOS, touch the Menu link in the top-left-hand corner.

The Side-Bar options are as follows:

  • Sign out: use this to sign out of the app.
  • Terms and Conditions: this launches a web page showing the Terms and Conditions for using the app.
  • Help: this shows the help information.
  • About: this shows the developer and version information.
  • Contact Us: this launches your phone’s email client, so you can get in touch with us via the IT Service Desk.

Tabs Overview

Home Page

The Home Page tab provides latest news from Queen’s.

  • Tap SU Tweets to display the Student Union's Twitter feed (this is the default view).
  • Tap QUB News to see the main University's news stories.

PC Availability

This page gives you an overview of the PCs that are available in the McClay Library by floor. The background of the boxes changes from green to amber to red as PC usage on each floor increases. The Building Occupancy figure shows how many people (including staff) are currently in the Library.


The Map tab helps you get around the University. The Map is pre-populated with key building locations from around the Campus.

You can search for locations in Queen's using the box at the top of this tab.

Touch any pin to select it and see the name of the location.

  • If you're using an Android device, click on the blue diamond icon at the bottom of the page to obtain walking directions to that location.
  • If you're on iOS, touch the pin, or the location box, again to bring up the option for directions.

Locations of pins are supplied by the Estates Department and overlaid on to Google Maps or Apple Maps, depending on your mobile phone operating system.


The Timetable tab shows your daily timetable according to the University’s Central Room Booking database and QSIS.


The Library tab shows your loans, requests and fines, plus the three option buttons below:

  • View My Account: launches a web page in which you need to sign in to access your Library account.
  • Pay Library Fines: launches Queen's Online. You will need to sign in to Queen’s Online to pay a fine. After signing in, look for the Library section and then click Pay Now.
  • Library Resources: this launches the Library Resources web page. On this page, among other things, you can access the Library Catalogue, Article Search and the Archive Catalogue. You can also check the Opening Hours of the Library on this web page.

Smart Card

There is also a digital version of your barcode on this tab. It should look the same as the one on your student or staff card.

Please Note

  • The digital barcode is a new service and currently has limited usage options on campus, but we are working to extend the number of services that can use this digital barcode.
  • This barcode is personal to you and as such, you should not pass on this code to others, who could then impersonate you and get access to University services that they are not entitled to. Unauthorised sharing of barcodes will be investigated and may result in disciplinary action.