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Shared Mailboxes

Following the migration of staff email accounts to Exchange Online, we intend to migrate our generic email accounts over the next few months.

Shared mailboxes allow several users to view and send mail and share a calendar in a common mailbox.

Shared mailboxes have a number of advantages over the current system:

  • Mailbox size is increased to 50GB
  • Mailboxes can be added to or removed from your account without having to set up the shared mailbox manually
  • Security is improved as passwords will not need to be given to multiple users

Before the generic account is converted, we will send an email asking for details of the users require access, and these users will be assigned permissions for the account during the conversion process. If any users need to be added or removed from the account, this can be requested through the IT Service Desk.

Accessing shared mailboxes

The IT Service Desk will need to assign permissions to your account so that you can access a shared mailbox. To request this, open a support call with the IT Service Desk stating which mailbox you require access to. You can open a support call at

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Common Issues

Setting up shared mailboxes on your devices

What should I do if I have problems?

You can contact the IT Service Desk for assistance. More information is available at

Last updated: 27 Jan 2020