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Shared Mailbox Setup/Maintenance

Common Issues

Common Issues

  • Shared mailbox not appearing in the “From” field in Outlook 2016 for Windows
    1. Compose a new email
    2. Click the Options tab and ensure that the Show Fields – From option is selected
    3. In the new email, click the From dropdown
    4. Click Other Email Address…
    5. Enter the email address of the shared mailbox and click OK
    6. The From field of the email should now display the shared mailbox address and this should be available in the dropdown in future emails
  • Shared mailbox appearing multiple times in Outlook 2016 for Windows


    1. In Outlook go to File, Account Settings, Account Settings
    2. Select the name of the email account which is being duplicated
    3. Click Remove, then click Close
    4. Close and re-open Outlook
    5. Only one version of the account should now appear
  • Sent or Deleted emails not appearing in the Sent Items or Deleted Items folders of the shared mailbox

    Contact the IT Service Desk for assistance with this problem:

  • Send a Mail Merge from a Shared Mailbox
    1. Close Outlook
    2. Click the Windows Menu in the bottom left of your desktop, click All Apps if necessary, then click Windows System, then Control Panel
    3. In the top right corner, make sure “View by” is set to Small Icons
    4. Click Mail/Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016)
    5. Click Show Profiles
    6. Click Add
    7. Give the profile a name e.g. “Mail Merge” and click OK
    8. In the email address field, enter the name of the shared mailbox. Enter the name of the shared mailbox. Leave the password fields blank
    9. Click Next
    10. When the Windows Security dialog box appears, enter your own username and password. The username should be
    11. Tick Remember my credentials and click OK
    12. Click Finish
    13. Back on the profiles window, select “Prompt for a profile to be used” and then click OK

    You’ve now set up a mail merge profile in Outlook

    To send a mail merge:

    1. Close Outlook
    2. Open Outlook and when prompted to choose a profile, choose the Mail Merge profile you set up. Click OK
    3. Click the Send/Receive tab at the top of the Outlook window
    4. Click Work Offline
    5. Open the document you want to merge
    6. Set up the document as normal and add recipients
    7. When ready to send, click Finish & Merge, then click Send Email Messages
    8. Make sure all of the options are set correctly and click OK
    9. Return to Outlook and open the Outbox. All of the mail merge emails should be listed
    10. When you’re ready to send, click the Send/Receive tab and click Work Offline again to de-select it
    11. Click Send/Receive All Folders. The emails will now be sent from the Outbox
    12. When the mail merge is completed, close Outlook and re-open it. This time, choose your normal profile when prompted (usually this will be called Outlook and will be the only other option available)

Last updated 27 Jan 2020