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Information Services has developed a ‘Shared Student Resources’ site in Queen’s Online, which provides a secure area for Schools to share documentation with their students. 

Each School has their own site, where they can provide various types of information to students (information which may not be appropriate on the School's public website) such as, Handbooks, Forms, Staff/Student Consultative Committee Minutes etc.

The Library can also use the site to distribute information to students in each of the Schools.

  • Access to Shared Student Resources
    All students who are associated with any module within the School will have access to the ‘Shared Student Resources’ site.

    Staff and students can access their School’s ‘Shared Student Resources’ site, by clicking on the Learning Home link (below the Modules heading) on the Queen’s Online homepage. This will display the Learning Home page. 

    Note: The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) team are currently populating the Learning Home page with lots of useful information e.g. the latest VLE features, for staff and students.  

    On the Learning Home page, staff and students will see a link to their School’s Shared Student Resources site (below the Shared Student Resources heading).  If a student is registered for a module in more than one School, they will see multiple links to Shared Student Resources sites for each School.

    Note for Staff: School SharePoint Site Owners (Administrators) also manage staff permissions on the School's 'Shared Student Resources' site, so if you require access to your School's 'Shared Student Resources' site, contact your School's SharePoint Owner.  Visit the SharePoint Training Site to view a list of School SharePoint Site Owners.

  • Overview and Support

    Staff can download the 'Overview of Shared Student Resources' document to find out more about 'Shared Student Resources', including details on the different levels of access to the site (pdf file - 3 pages).  If you have any questions or queries, or would like to nominate new Site Owners (Administrators) of your School’s ‘Shared Student Resources’ site, please contact the Computer Helpdesk.

    Students should be able to access the information on their School's Shared Student Resources site, as soon as they are registered for a module within the School.

    Note: You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to download pdf files.  This software can be downloaded from the Adobe website.


    School 'Shared Student Resources' sites are available within Queen's Online, in the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

    These 'Shared Student Resources' sites are SharePoint sites, so if you require help when using them, visit the SharePoint Support webpages.

    You may also want to change your School's public website, using the Content Management System (CMS). 

Last updated April 2016