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Detailed information about using your smart card is via Smart Card Services. Information about acquiring a student experience bursary is described in the University Bursaries page.


What services can I pay for using my Student Smart card?

Services include printing, photocopying and Library fines. You can also use your card in the Students’ Union Shop, the Welcome Centre, the Computer Shop in The McClay Library and for food in all catering outlets.

If you receive a Student Experience Bursary, you can use your Smart Card for:

  • Purchase of Books
    • Books can be directly purchased in the pop up Blackwell’s store in the Students’ Union; Alternatively books can be ordered on line at: Blackwell's Online 
    • Books can either be purchased using a debit/credit card, or reserved and paid for
      using the bursary or personal cash purse on your student card. You can do this by using one of the kiosks in the McClay, MBC, Medical Libraries or the Students’ Union Foyer. Note: These kiosks can still be used to pay for library fines.
  • Payment in the PEC, QFT, the Language Centre (The McClay Library), Careers (Student Guidance Centre), ECDL, Computer Shop (The McClay Library) and certain ‘educational’ items in the Students’ Union Shop.
  • Money from the bursary purse can be transferred to the Print & Copy purse to enable it to be used for printing and photocopying. You can do this using the Smart Card application on Queen’s Online. 

Please Note: To ensure the University know you are eligible for a bursary and will add it to your card, you need to have checked the box on the student loan form to allow the Student Loan Company to share financial information with the University.

How do I gain access to my Student Experience Bursary?

If you are eligible to receive it (The University will receive confirmation from the Student Loan Company), the Student Experience Bursary will then be added automatically to your smart card – Student Experience Bursary Purse.

Please Note: In the year of graduation you should use all the money in the bursary purse by the end of July as it will be removed after this date.

How can I keep track of how much I have in my Student Experience Bursary purse?

When you insert your smart card into a card reader attached to a bursary reader, it displays any balance you have in your Bursary Purse. If you do not have any funds in your Bursary Purse, then it displays any balance in your Personal Cash Purse - the value for the Bursary purse will be preceeded by 'Subsidy'.

You can also press the “?” key on the reader to toggle between the display of your Bursary Purse balance and your Personal Cash Purse balance.

What happens to any money remaining in my Student Experience Bursary purse?

Any unspent money on your Bursary will remain on your card for use in the next academic year. For students that will not be returning, any unspent money on the Bursary is transferred to the Student Hardship Fund.  You will not be able to spend any money on your bursary once you have graduated.

How do I transfer money from my Bursary to my Print and Copy purse?

Money can be transferred from your bursary to your Print and Copy purse using the QOL Smart Card Appapplication in Queen's Online

How do I add funds to the my smart card, for example for printing?

Using a credit or debit card you can add money to your smart card. Go to Queen's Online and then in the QOL Smart Card App application click on Add Funds and follow the instructions on screen.

Please Note: If you are adding funds to the print and copy purse using a debit/credit card, then for every £5 transferred the system will upload £6 to the print and copy purse.

I don’t like the photograph on my card, can I get a new picture?

Students can get a new card printed if they are unhappy with the current photograph. You should go to the Student Guidance Centre if you want your card re-printed for any reason.

Please Note: As this is a 'cosmetic' change there will be a £10 charge.

When I put my card into a reader it displays 'Card not responding' - what do I do?

You should take your card to the Student Guidance Centre and have it replaced. 

Please Note: If the card is deemed to be damaged there may be a £10 charge. 

I would like to pay part of my Library Fine using the money in the Personal Cash Purse?

You should go to the issue desk and pay the difference between the combined value in your personal cash and print and copy purses and the value of the fine. Once this part payment has been made you can then pay the rest of the fine using one of the fines

I have completed my study at Queen's and have money still on my Smart Card - how can I spend this?

Students are advised to run down the value on their print and copy purse, all purses, in their final year as it is not possible to provide a refund mechanism.

Our policy is clear that no refunds may be effected once you graduate. Information regarding this is very widely advertised throughout the campus and by a variety of social media channels. We don’t offer refunds as:

  1. The effort involved in assimilating the data required to arrive at the correct refund is not simple - cash uploads get a 20% uplift whereas card debits do not, because of this we would need to examine your Print and Copy log file for the variances in how your print credit is totalled so the correct refund is arrived at.
  2. Should the 3,000+ students who graduate every year were to ask for a refund we would not be physically able to process these requests, due to the workload involved.

For more information, please contact Student Finance.

Tel: +44 28 9097 2767

What happens if my circumstances change after I have been issued with my Smart Card - for example if I change course?

If your circumstances change which require you to be issued with a smart card, then a new card will be printed for you. Typical reasons that require a new card to be printed are

  • Your name has changed
  • Your card expiry date is incorrect
  • You have changed course

My Smart Card has been lost or stolen - what should I do?

  1. Use the Hotlist Card option under QOL Smart Card Appapplication in QOL to disable your card immediately AND
  2. Go to the Student Guidance Centre to have a new one printed - there will be a cost of £10.

Who is eligible for a Student Bursary?

Consult University Bursaries for eligibility criteria

What happens to money remaining on all my smart card purses when my studies are completed?

Returning Students: The money will remain on your card for use in the following year

Final Year Students: Should ensure all money on all Smart Card purses (Print & Copy and Personal Cash) has been spent before the end of your year/course.

Please Note:  No Refunds and No Transfers between any of the purses will be permitted for money remaining on your card at the end of your year/course

For more information, please contact Student Finance.

Tel: +44 28 9097 2767