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Instructions on how to uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)

Please see the below instructions on how to completely uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection.

During the Cyber incident last year, Information Services (IS) deployed on the majority of Windows computers a product called Microsoft Windows Defender for Endpoint (MDE).

This product has several aspects to it, one of which is Antivirus.

However, we had a concurrent contract for use of Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) Antivirus.

As MDE Defender offers a broader range of defences, it is now the system we will use for Antivirus. 

As such our contract for Symantec has not been renewed.

Where possible we have automatically removed Symantec from machines.

However some computers remain with Symantec installed - to check if its installed please see image #1.  If the icon is missing you may disregard this message and delete it.

Please follow the instructions to uninstall Symantec.

Should you experience any issues please or contact your School Computer Officer or the IT Service Desk for assistance.

Please note some staff may have installed Symantec on personal machines.  As we no longer have a Symantec contract, these installations are no longer licenced and you should remove the software from your machine.  Your Windows 10 computer remains protected as it has Windows Defender already installed as part of its core functionality.


Image #1


If you still have Symantec installed, please download the following .zip file:

SEP CleanWipe Tool


1. Download this .zip folder to your Desktop

2. Right-click on this folder, hover over 7-Zip & select Extract to “CleanWipe”: (If you do not have 7-Zip installed, please Right-click on this folder and select "Extract All..." 

    Once the menu pops up - click "Extract")

Extract CleanWipe zip


3. You will now notice that the folder has been extracted and the tool is ready for use – open the folder & right click on the CleanWipe.exe and select “Run as administrator”:



4. The tool will now open: Click “next”



5. Accept the T&C and click “Next”:



6. Select ALL 3 check boxes and click “Next”:



7. Leave defaults and click “next” once again:



8. The software will start to run to remove Symantec. It will prompt you to restart your device – Select “OK”:



9. The machine will reboot and once you log in you will see this screen confirming the removal of Symantec – Select “Finish”:



If you have run into any issues when uninstalling SEP, please get in touch with either your School Computer Officer or the IT Service Desk