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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing (VCon) is a modern communications tool that can save time and money, and can support a Carbon Management agenda. It can also remove uncertainties due to inclement weather.

Most universities and large companies have VCon facilities so it has become a viable alternate to physical meetings. Universities have started to use VCon to support:


  • Staff recruitment
  • International and PG student recruitment
  • Business meetings
  • Distributed research groups
  • Distributed teaching
  • Student Viva meetings
  • Technology transfer

VCon can be delivered over the Internet or ISDN. Internet sessions do not incur call charges, and can offer high quality video and audio, band width permitting. ISDN based VCon is still used by some companies who lack full Internet access. ISDN uses at least 2 telephone lines (and in some cases up to 6 to get high quality video). This will incur calls charges which will be passed on to the end user. Our technical support team can advise on the cost of planned ISDN sessions.

VCon facilities are available in the Peter Froggatt Centre, The McClay Library, Committee Room C (Administration Building) and 50 Elmwood Ave.

AVS are currently piloting a standards based desktop option, which will permit a user to participate directly from their computer to a professional vcon setup.

If would like to explore options for VCon from your computer check the the links below and/or contact the technical team.


For support or further information about video conferencing facilities, please contact Audio Visual Services by:

Last updated April 2016