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Printing via the Web

You can now print from your own wireless laptop or via your home computer to any of the printers in the Student Computer Areas including The McClay Library. Note: The laptops available for borrowing in the libraries access printers in the same way as the normal desktop systems where you select the printer you want from the list that is offered.

  How it Works

You use a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, to interact with the Campus Printing Service (CPS). In the URL field, enter You should bookmark this for future reference.

Note: A status window will keep you apprised of the status of your request, and prompt for additional information if necessary. You should leave this status window open until your request is complete.  The service will guide you through a simple process of:

  Identifying Yourself
  • When you select the Print option from the opening screen, you will be prompted for your Login ID and your password
  • Enter your student number and Queen’s password in the appropriate boxes, and click on Log In
  Choosing a Printer
  • Click on the name of the printer which is suitable for your needs: mono or colour, and location e.g. qub-mcclay-mono specifies a black and white printer in The McClay Library
  Picking a Document to Print
  • You can type in the full filename, including drive and directory, but you will probably find it easier to click the Browse button and find your file
  • When you locate the file, double-click on the name to select it
  • Enter values for the number of copies and the page range, or leave these blank for the default of a single copy of the entire file
  • When you are satisfied with you settings, click on the Submit button
  Setting Print Options
  • You may now be able to change, Paper - for the paper size, Duplex - to specify that you want e.g. double-sided printing and Orientation - to print e.g. as Landscape
  • Click on Continue when you are satisfied with the settings. You will see a screen showing that the job is being submitted
  Approving the Print

A screen will be displayed showing details of the print job and, in particular, what it will cost. At this stage, you can choose to Cancel or Submit Job to Printer. By selecting the latter, you are confirming that the printing should proceed and you will see a Job Completed message. Even at this point, you can decide not to print the job – see Using a Print Management Station section below.

The screen will offer 3 options:

  • Log Out: If you have no more print jobs, be sure to log out to protect your account
  • Another Job: Print another document to the same printer
  • Another Printer: Print a document to a different printer
  Using a Print Management Station

The Print Management Station (PMS) allows you to manage print jobs that you have previously submitted using the CPS.

Note: A print job will be removed from the print queue 3 hours from being submitted, so you must physically print the job within that time. Otherwise, you will have to repeat the steps in How It Works section above.

  • Place your student card in the print management station connected to the printer you wish to use.  The card can be placed either way round but, in order to avoid wear, you should keep your picture to the outside
  • On the small screen, you will see your print jobs displayed one at a time
  • If you wish to print a job, click OK
  • If you have more jobs waiting to be printed, the screen will show the next job
  • If you decide not to print a particular job, click Stop rather than OK. This means that the job will not be printed but it will not be deleted either, that is, until the 3 hour limit is reached. This can be useful if you try to print jobs but need to add funds to your card. You can add the funds and return to the PMS to print outstanding jobs

If you get a message to tell you that you have insufficient funds, you will need to top up your card by either the cash upload machines or via My Smart Card in Queen's Online.