Create a positive impression by setting up a profile on LinkedIn.   

Start your online professional network with friends, classmates and work colleagues before sending connection requests to professionals.

Join groups relevant to your future career and actively participate in them to raise your profile.

Follow companies that you would like to work for to find out more about them.

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Twitter allows you to easily share ideas and resources, to see what’s happening and to find or create an online community where you can discuss the things you love. 

Follow @CareersatQueens to stay informed about events and opportunities.

Search for companies that interest you and follow them to find out about deadlines, campus visits, etc.

Follow industry professionals or relevant hashtags to find out about the latest developments.

Unless your account is protected, remember that your Tweets can be viewed by anyone so be careful about what you share!

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Facebook is a great way of keeping in touch and you'll find lots of organisations use it to share information, however, it is important to protect your personal details.

Use privacy settings to control who can see your profile and don't accept Friend Requests from people you don't know.  

Make sure that you can approve Facebook tags before allowing them on your timeline.

Before posting comments, photographs, videos, etc. online, think carefully about whether they could have a negative impact on your career prospects.

Remember that information posted to social media sites can be easily shared and often becomes public.

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Setting up your own blog is a great way to develop your writing skills and showcase your expertise.

Make sure that you choose a subject that reflects your interests and career aspirations.

Check out existing blogs within your area of interest for inspiration. 

Think carefully about the purpose of your blog and who your target audience is.

Get CYBERSMART with blogs

Remember, you are responsible for anything you post online!

Restrict any personal social media sites to close friends and family only.

Don’t post anything that could cause others offence or embarrassment.

Never share your passwords and protect mobile devices with a PIN.

If you find content online that could harm your reputation, send a polite request asking the publisher to remove or correct it, or report it using the links provided.

Make sure you read our Social Media Guides and Policies.