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Considerate Studying


All students should be able to work in a pleasant and quiet environment, therefore when you enter a library or SCA:

  • Switch your mobile phone to silent
  • Keep talking and noise to a minimum.  Book a group study room if you need to work with others
  • If you need a break there are refreshment areas with vending machines or a cafe.  Do not eat in the study areas as it is distracting to other students and may result in damage to furniture and equipment.  Drinks with secure lids are permitted in all areas)
  • Keep your password secret and log out of the computer before leaving.  Any misuse from your account is your responsibility
  • Keep your belongings with you at all times.  Thieves work fast!
  • Leave the equipment and facilities as you would like to find them.  Recycle paper and plastic using the bins provided.
  • Show consideration for others by not lingering, especially during peak times when someone may be waiting for a PC or study space to finish important coursework.
  • Respect copyright and abide by our Social Media Policy and
  • Do not reserve computers or study spaces with personal items as they may be removed.  Computers will automatically log out if left inactive for more than 30 minutes.

It is a disciplinary offence to allow someone else to use your smart card or login details!

Make sure you read the Student Computing at Queen's - Acceptable Use Guide 

Evacuation and First Aid

Make yourself aware of the first aid points and evacuation procedures in all buildings.  In the case of an emergency, a continuous warning bell will ring and you should leave the building immediately.  Any accident or sudden illness should be reported to the Borrower Services Desk (if you are in one of the libraries) or to any member of staff and assistance will be provided.