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SmartCard Image showing student number

Using your student number to Log in

For advice on passwords please refer to the Data Security page

  • Logging in Advice

    To login to the computers at Queen's (including Library laptops) you will need a username and password. 

    Username = your student number (this number is on your student card, 12345678 in the example above).  Note: When logging into Queen's Online, you must type ads\ in front of your student number: e.g. ads\12345678.  

    Password = you received this when you were invited to register as a student.  To change your password, go into Queen's Online then click on Change Password. The first time you do this you will be asked to supply answers to some security questions to protect your login credentials.

    Logging Off the Computers = ALWAYS log off before leaving the computer to protect your account and personal details. Computers left unattended for more than 30 minutes will be automatically logged out and unsaved documents will be lost!

    Points to Note:

    • You must only login to the computers using your given Username and Password or a temporary username and password which has been given to you by a member of staff
    • To find out how to prevent multiple logins when using Queen’s Online on your computer click here. Note: Please do not prevent multiple logins on any mobile devices, for example,  if your laptop is stolen, the thief will not receive any password prompts!

  • Logging Off

    If you do not log off you are potentially allowing other students to access the files in your Queen's drive, read or send emails from your account, or view your personal details. Always ensure that you have saved any files that you have been working on and have closed any open applications before leaving the computer.

    To log off, double-click the Logoff icon on the desktop. Wait until the CTRL+ALT+DELETE screen is displayed before leaving the computer to ensure that you have logged off successfully.

    Remember - you are responsible for your own account so ALWAYS LOG OFF before leaving the computer.