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Borrowing a Laptop

Laptop Lending Service

Laptops are available to borrow from The McClay Library, the Biomedical Library (MBC) and the Medical Library (RVH) for use within those Libraries.  They have full wireless network access and have the same facilities as the computers in the Student Computing Areas.

Watch our quick video guide to borrowing a laptop

When you borrow a laptop, ensure you attach the charger and safely plug it into a mains point, on a desk.  

Ask at the Borrower Services Desk in the Biomedical or Medical Libraries, or, in The McClay Library, use the self-service lockers on the ground floor.

To operate the self-service lockers in The McClay Library, swipe your Student Smart Card in front of the reader and one of the locker doors will open (if a laptop is available).  Remove the laptop and close the locker door. 

To return the laptop when you have finished with it, shut it down, rather than simply log off.  Swipe your card again and the locker door will open.  Replace the laptop and close the locker door.