Queen's Online

Some of the main services which you can access through Queen's Online (QOL - http://www.qol.qub.ac.uk/) are:

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) (like Moodle, Blacboard, Canvas): This contains your module resources, where you will be asked to submit your coursework, and receive feedback.
PDF of how to  access your course resources on QOL [7-page PDF]

Accessing your module resources on Queen's Online

PDF of how to  use the Assignment Tool  to submit your work [3-page PDF]

Submitting your assignments via the assignment tool in Queen's Online

The Frequently Asked Questions about Queen's Online are essential readng and includes this question: What can I do to stop being prompted for my username and password all the time?  Internet Explorer/Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox users should follow the quick and easy steps in the 'Preventing Multiple Logins' document (pdf file - 4 pages).  This document shows you how to add SharePoint sites, as Trusted sites. Important Note: With these setting make sure you also have a secure password on your laptop or any other form of mobile device, just in case the laptop is lost or stolen! 
Email: On your Queen's Online Home page look for the link My Email, connect to your Queen's Email account - also via https://qmail.qub.ac.uk
Your Filestore known as your Queen's drive - this is where you can store your work and access it from anywhere on the Internet. For example..
  1. when in Queen's when you save a Word/Excel/other document/file you can choose to save it to your Queen's drive.
  2. Access your files using Citrix - see the Remote Working page 
  3. The following is temporarily unavailable - accessing your files using via the QDrive link on QOL home
    Log in to Queen's Online and click Files QDrive to access your Queen's Drive. 

Note: You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to download pdf files. This software can be downloaded from the Adobe website.

Updated Sept 2017