Saving your Work

Saving and Transferring Work

It is imperative that you save your work. The University provides a fully backed-up service, the Q: Drive. On campus save your work to the Q: drive. You are strongly recommended to create a folder: e.g. "Modules" to store all of your work. This should be created at Q:\ 

Every Queen's student is allocated 3 Gb of personal space on the Queen's network.

How reliable are USBs?
USBs can not be considered totally reliable while working at a PC as they will eventually fail
 so only copy the saved files to the USB when you are about to logoff. Please note that on a USB, applications such as Microsoft Word create a number of temporary files which are only removed when you exit, and, if you are editing directly to a USB, there is a risk that the device will fill and you will lose all the changes that you have made.

Are there any other alternatives?
While you are a Queen's student, you also have access to Office 365/OneDrive which is a complementary service you may wish to use. Find out more about Office 365 @ Queen's 

Other cloud-based proprietary services include Google Docs, iCloud, Dropbox.