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Saving your Work

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

All students have secure personal storage on OneDrive in the Office 365 Cloud.  You can access OneDrive from any device, share your files and synchronise OneDrive with your laptop or home PC - see Office 365 @ Queen's for more information. Students also have personal space on the Queen's Q: Drive which they can use on campus.  Make sure you save your work before you log out.

How reliable are USBs?
USBs can not be considered totally reliable while working at a PC as they will eventually fail
 - only copy the saved files to the USB when you are about to logoff. Please note that on a USB, applications such as Microsoft Word create a number of temporary files which are only removed when you exit, and, if you are editing directly to a USB, there is a risk that the device will fill and you will lose all the changes that you have made.