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The latest version of Microsoft Office is available to download for students at Queen's, all free of charge. This page also gives information about other software for free or at a reduced price.

Why you should get 365...

  • It's free for as long as you're a student at Queen's.
  • You can install it on up to a total of five devices, including PCs, Macs, Smartphones and Tablets.

Download Instructions for Windows and Mac


  1. Log into using your Queens student number and password
  2. Click the drop down arrow beside the Install Office button and select Office 365 apps

    Install Office 365
  3. You will be prompted to Run or Save the application at the bottom of the Window, follow the three steps displayed to Run and install the application 

    Install Steps
  4. After installation, start Office and login with your Queens’ credentials e.g.

Phone and tablet


        1. Log into using your Queens student number and password
        2. Click the drop down arrow beside the Install Office button and select Other install options 

          Other Install Options
        3. Click on View app & devices 

          View app & devices
        4. Then select your device under Get Office on your phone or tablet g. iOS, Android or Windows. This will display a link to the mobile Office 365 app for your phone
        5. If you click on Get the app this will take you to the Apple App store, Google Play Store or the Microsoft Store from where you can install Office 365 or the individual apps

What if I already have a version of Office installed?

If you already have a version of Office installed you should remove it before downloading the latest version. You can run multiple versions of Office on one computer, however we don't recommend it.

What happens after I leave Queen's?

Office 365 is a subscription based service, and while you're at Queen's you get this for free. However, when you leave Queen's your subscription with Microsoft ends. At this point you can either:

  • continue to use Office 365 with reduced functionality - you will only be able to read documents, not edit
  • continue to use Office 365 with full functionality by purchasing your own subscription from Microsoft
  • remove Office 365 and install your own copy of Office

Other Software for students - Reduced Price Software

Students can purchase software and other products direct from suppliers at reduced prices:

Adobe software including Creative Cloud and Photoshop

Apple products and accessories including Mac, iPad and iPhone (only available via Queen's campus network - if you are off-campus, telephone 0800 072 1154 to order)

DreamSpark professional developer and designer tools including Visual Studio

Microsoft software and products


On the hub: 

Note: These promotions are operated by third party suppliers and Queen's University accepts no responsibility for the content of links to external websites or products purchased from external sites.  Listing and linking should not be taken to be an endorsement of the products or companies.

Last Updated: February 2020