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Student Email Service

Students can login here to access their Queen's email

Office 365 for Queen's students can be accessed via the Microsoft Portal.

Connect your mobile device to your email account

Introduction to using Email in the Cloud

Some important points

  • Office 365: this service provides 5 terabytes of space and Office 365 provides web-based Office applications (Word, Excel, etc); file storage (OneDrive), sharing. - see page about Office 365 at Queens.
  • You cannot automatically forward emails from your Queen's account to another email account.

You are required to read and use your QUB email account to communicate, and receive communication from the University. Please read this good advice about writing emails Corrigan Paul T, Hunt McNabb, Cameron (2015) "Re: Your Recent Email to Your Professor" Inside Higher Ed d, Last Accessed 29 Aug 2016

Email Address Format
Student email addresses are generated by adding the first letter of each of the student’s given names to the student’s family name and adding to this a 2 digit number. Examples of student email addresses are as follows:

If you get offensive email
If you receive email, the content of which is offensive, threatening, obscene or otherwise "harmful" then do not respond to it, rather report the matter to Please remember to retain the message for investigation.