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Group Study Rooms Numbering - You Said, We Did

One of the questions that library staff are most frequently asked is ‘where can I find the study room I booked?”

Word cloud of Library terms

And, we are not at all surprised that students find it difficult to locate one of the 33 study rooms scattered over four floors of the McClay.

Thanks to your feedback, we have come to realise that the numbering is illogical and inconsistent and, that there is a lot of unnecessary information on the door plaques. In short it is confusing.

Hence, we are trialling a new simple numbering system that we hope will make things easier for students.

Gone are the letters and duplicate numbers!

Gone are the door plaques with information overload!

The Group Study Rooms have been re-numbered in one continuous sequence across the floors.

Also, there is now just one large clear number on each study room door.

Example of a group study room label

The rooms are relatively easy to locate if you remember that they are located around the perimeter of the building in a clockwise direction starting at the front of the library.

You will find numbers   

  • 1 to 13 on the Ground Floor
  • 14 to 19 on Floor 1
  • 20 to 28 on Floor 2
  • 29 to 33 on Floor 3