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Library Standards of Service 2023-24

Since 2014, the Library has been committed to ensuring a consistent and excellent delivery of service through a range of 18 Standards of Service. Each year, the Library reviews these Standards, our performance, and targets for the coming year.

Students moving on McClay Library stairs

The purpose of our Standards of Service is to set a measurable performance level to guarantee that the Library will meet customer needs.   Examples of these Standards include a set response time for an enquiry, a commitment to supplying interlibrary loan requests within a certain period and ensuring that our Library customers are happy with our library environments. 

All but six of our Standards of Service have a target of 100%, demonstrating that the Library is striving to provide the best possible service.

Our Standards of Service have been updated for 2023-24, and these broadly cover the following service areas:

How did we do in 2022-23?

Our performance in 2022-23 improved across a number of Standards of Service.  For example:

  • 97.4% of those attending training sessions rated trainers as knowledgeable – an increase of 2.6%.
  • 97.44% of those attending training sessions rated trainers as friendly and helpful – an increase of 2.6%.
  • 87% of respondents to our Customer Satisfaction Survey were satisfied with our study environment quality – an increase of 1.8%.
  • The percentage of reading list books made available for the start of teaching was 97.4% - an increase of 1.8%.

We want your feedback

All library staff are responsible for ensuring that the provision of library services meets our Standards of Service targets.  As part of this process, we would like your input - if you have any feedback or comments on our Standards of Service, our performance, or our targets, please let us know via our Customer Feedback Page.

We are particularly interested to hear if you feel that there are important areas of service delivery on which we should focus or whether our targets meet your needs.