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New Library trials: Anthropology Resource Library & IAI TV

The Library has taken two new trials of audio-visual material. Access via the links below. Both trials run until 1st December 2022.

If these resources are useful for your teaching and/or research please send comments to

Alexander Street (ProQuest): Anthropology Resource Library

The largest collection of ethnographic primary sources supporting students’ firsthand engagement with human diversity around the world. The Anthropology Resource Library contains field notes, draft manuscripts and published ethnographies from key scholars, enabling students to trace the full scholarly process in all of its iterations, from data gathered in the field to later analyses, drafts and publications.

Resources work in tandem to bring the fieldwork process to life by juxtaposing original fieldwork with subsequent published ethnographies, as well as follow up studies and visual ethnographies that span a century.


Institute of Arts and Ideas: IAI TV

This platform hosts videos of debates and talks at Institute of Arts and Ideas:

The IAI was founded in 2008 with the aim of rescuing philosophy from technical debates about the meaning of words and returning it to big ideas and putting them at the centre of culture. Not in aid of a more refined cultural life, but as an urgent call to rethink where we are.

That rethinking is urgent and necessary because the world of ideas is in crisis. The traditional modernist notion that we are gradually uncovering the one true account of reality has been undermined by a growing awareness that ideas are limited by culture, history and language. Yet in a relative world the paradoxes of postmodern culture has left us lost and confused. We do not know what to believe, nor do we know how to find the answers.

The IAI was founded to help address this intellectual crisis. Our research and editorial teams have worked around the clock to face up to this challenge and unearth fresh ways of thinking that might guide us in an uncertain world.



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