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The subject areas covered include Ulster, Ireland, History, Politics, Economics, Theology, Philosophy, Literature and Language.

Readers are advised to check the catalogue for author, title and shelf mark before coming to the Special Collections & Archives Enquiry Desk.

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Bibliographies, reference books and current issues of journals are located in our Reading Room. Bound journals must be requested at the Enquiry Desk.

Recently purchased book titles are added to our Subject Guide on a regular basis.

Special Collections & Archives Subject Guide

Special Collections Book Prefixes

h = The Hibernica (formerly Henry) Collection is a substantial collection of monographs, periodicals and pamphlets of general Irish interest and /or origin.

e = Collection of works of early economic theory and philosophy dating from the 17th to the late 19th centuries. 

t = Collection of monographs, periodical and facsimiles etc., on or relating to a variety of Hebrew and Jewish subjects and studies. 

x = 19th & 20th Century book, general collection of valuable, limited, fine, or rare material from the 19th and 20th centuries. 

w = 18th Century books & pamphlets, general collection of c.7614 items, of particular note is the series of pamphlets maintained by Irish politician John Foster (1740-1828)

y = Indicating books printed pre 1701

MacD/ = Collection of general literature, Sanskrit and comparative philology from the personal library of Charles MacDouall (1818-1883), first Professor of Latin at Queen's College, Belfast (1849-50) and second Professor of Greek (1850-78). Also at 5Z, B7,B9, B16-18.

Moore/ = Special collection of books etc., by, or relating to, the Irish poet, satirist, composer, and musician, Thomas Moore (1779-1852).

RS/ = Reference books

5Z = Books by QUB academic staff


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