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Journals contain original academic research in the form of articles. They are published at regular intervals, such as monthly or quarterly.

Each journal issue has a volume or part number and usually contains a number of articles written by different authors. 

Most journals subscribed to by the Library are available online and are accessed via the Library site by:

  • Searching for the journal title (not the article title) in Library Catalogue. Where available click on the link and select volume and issue number. (If the journal is only available in print, a location will be provided.)
  • Selecting the journal title from the E-Journals A-Z
  • Searching for the article title using the Article Search where you are sure the Library subscribes to the e-journal.

Queen’s students can find scanned book chapters and journal articles in the relevant module in Queen’s Online, under Readings Online


The following links provide more information on:

How to scan or print if you are a student.

How to scan, print or photocopy if you are an Associate Member.

How to scan, print or photocopy if you are a visitor.

Copyright and books

Copyright and journal articles