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The following charges apply to QUB staff and students and will be deducted from your School's Inter-library loan fund allocation.

Book & journal articles  Cost: QUB – 1 allocation
 British - loan  Cost: QUB - 1 allocation
 British - digitised copy  Cost: QUB - 6 allocations
 American - pre 2000  Cost: QUB - 1 allocation 
 Patents  Cost: QUB - 2 allocations
 Standards  Cost: QUB - 1 allocation
 Copyright Cleared Articles  Cost: QUB - 2 allocations
 International Requests  Cost: QUB – 3 allocations
 Renewals  Cost: QUB – 1 allocation
 In demand, overdue or lost items                                                                  Cost: £182.80 replacement charge with a non-refundable administrative charge of £91.40 plus VAT*

*In demand, overdue or lost items will be charged to you directly. This charge is subject to an annual rise in August.

Please contact the Borrower Services Desk if you require further information.