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Study Rooms

For Groups:

There are 30 Group Study Rooms to facilitate and encourage collaborative work. These rooms provide discussion and study space for small groups of students and are equipped with a computer and either a plasma screen or projection facilities. 

For Individuals

The Library also has 3 individual study rooms. These are particularly suitable for students who may need to use assistive technology or for those with heightened sensory awareness.

Students who want to study with a young child may also find these rooms useful.

The Study Rooms can be booked only by students of the University. However, they should not be used for teaching purposes, or for meetings between students and tutors, mentors, visitors etc.

Academic staff, external members and visitors are not permitted to use the rooms.



Bookings:  The rooms are bookable via Queen’s Online up to one-day in advance.

Time Slots:  Booking are for an hour, on the hour. A maximum of three consecutive hours may be booked on any one day.

Cancellations:  Study rooms are in high demand so it is important to cancel the booking if it is no longer required. This can be done either via Queen’s Online or using the link on the booking confirmation email.

Ten minute rule:  If a room is not occupied within the first ten minutes, the entire booking is forfeited and the room is made available to other students.  


Advanced Booking

Advanced booking of a limited number of study rooms is available to some students.

Students with a disability

Advanced booking of study rooms is available to students who may, for example, need to work with a support provider, use assistive technology, or who are particularly sensitive to noise/lighting. Referrals are made from the University’s Disability Service. Reservations should be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Parents with a dependent child

Parents are welcome to bring their children into the Library as long as they are closely supervised at all times. Advanced booking of the individual study rooms is available to parents who wish to spend time studying in the building whilst accompanied by their child. Reservations should be made at least 48 hours in advance to the Library Office.


Study Room Locations

Biomedical Library

1 room

Medical Library

3 rooms

McClay Library

33 Rooms


Distribution of the Study Rooms within the McClay Library

Ground Floor

13 rooms

Numbered G1 to G13

First Floor

6 rooms

Numbered 3 to 7A

Second Floor

9 Rooms

Numbered 8 to 16

Third Floor

5 Rooms

Numbered 17 to 21