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Postgraduate Admissions

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Postgraduate Admissions
Providing Staff & prospective Students with a central location for applications

Following the launch of the new digital Undergraduate Direct applications process in November 2023, we are continuing work on the Applicant Management System project to deliver a new Postgraduate Applications process.

Project Overview

Postgraduate Applications account for approximately 95% of direct applications to the University.  This new process will improve efficiency and allow staff to deliver an enhanced experience to applicants globally seeking taught courses or research positions.  The new process is expected to be available for the 2025 intake.

Similar to the new Undergraduate process, applicants will submit their details through the intuitive, accessible, and mobile-friendly Queen’s Portal.  Here, they can upload evidence in support of their application securely, track the progress of their applications and receive notifications or reminders when decisions are taken or action is required.


  • Admissions will have a streamlined and efficient process for application decision-making. Communications between Admissions and the applicant, or Admissions and decision-makers in schools can be automated as appropriate.


  • Project management documentation
  • Redeveloped Postgraduate Applications portal (the current DAP) to include:
    Access via Multi-Factor Authentication
    Application form
    Self-service portal
    Progress tracker
    Integration with QSIS using APIs
  • Handover documentation including:
    Documented processes
    User guides
    Training resources


Improve the applicant experience by:

  • Modernising the Direct Applications Portal (DAP) for postgraduate applications to align with users’ expectations and allow Queen’s to compete in the global Higher Education market.
  • Delivering a seamless experience for applicants providing them with access to information and support when they need it.
  • Allowing applicants to track the progress of their applications and receive notifications or reminders as required.
  • Providing an accessible interface compatible with mobile devices.

Improve the Admissions staff experience by:

  • Enabling real-time analysis of applications through dashboards and reports, allowing for enhanced decision-making.
  • Reducing the number of email and phone queries related to Postgraduate applications, and the associated cost.
  • Enhancing data security, reducing compliance risk.
  • Reducing the number of manual activities required to process applications.
  • Reducing duplication of work by introducing more robust tracking of interactions between applicants and Admissions staff.
  • Bringing consistency to the Undergraduate and Postgraduate application process.