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Official Documents

A person signs a document, whilst sat at a table.
Official Documents
Supporting our students by expediting access to official documents.

Official university letters help students with various areas of life. The Official Documents project aims to digitise this process and reduce the administrative burden on staff, whilst improving access and resolution time for students.

Project Overview

The Official Documents project endeavours to streamline the procedure for students to obtain essential documents, such as but not limited to GP, bank and jury service letters, from the University.

Presently, students must initiate a request through email, phone, or in-person channels, which is subsequently handled manually by a staff member.

The goal of the Official Documents project is to optimise efficiency and time utilisation by automating the process. This digitisation will empower students to self-serve in numerous instances, thereby enriching their overall student experience. In turn, this time saving will allow staff to concentrate on other key areas of work.

Objectives and Deliverables

Objective Deliverable
Digitise the document and letter request process. Create an online interface where students can request an official document or letter from the University.
Speed up the delivery time of processing documents. Use automation and letter templates to generate and deliver official documents and letters.
Save administrative time for staff. Reduce administrative burden on staff by removing or reducing the need for manual processing.