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Service Requests

A virtual button labelled 'Create Request' is pressed.
Service Requests
Administrative support tailored to meet student needs

Queen's Portal Service Requests streamlines access to comprehensive administrative support tailored to meet student needs. Whether it's a straightforward support request or assistance with critical processes like enrolment, registration, exams, assessment, fees, finance, and more, our platform is designed to simplify and expedite the user experience.

Project Overview

Throughout their time at university, students will require assistance with a range of requests. Queen's Portal Service Requests streamlines student requests and provides comprehensive administrative support.

Queen's Portal Service Requests is a feature-rich component of our student portal, designed to streamline and enhance the administrative support experience for students. With a focus on efficiency and convenience, this feature caters to a wide range of student needs, offering support around areas such as enrolment, registration, exams, fees, and more.

Key features include:

  • A single location for students to get assistance from many services within the University.
  • The creation and tracking of service requests.
  • Enhanced communication: Users receive timely status updates on their support requests and notifications ensure users are kept informed throughout the process.

Queen's Portal Service Requests stands as a testament to our commitment to enhancing the student experience. By providing a user-friendly interface, efficient processes, and transparent communication, we aim to empower our students to navigate administrative procedures seamlessly. With this feature, Queen's University continues to prioritise student satisfaction and success.

Objectives and Deliverables

The Service Requests feature within Queen's Portal has a wide range of objectives and deliverables. Below, you can read some of these and see how the project has helped staff to better support students, and provide an improved experience for everyone. 

Objective Deliverable
Digitise and modernise our services to align with our student expectations.
  • A new centralised service request feature covering a range of student-focused administrative services.
  • Transparency has improved via status updates and notifications for each service request.
  • An improved user journey for the student.
Improve service efficiency for staff and students.
  • A single location has reduced reliance on emails and telephone calls and has centralised the support channels. 
  • Improved communications between staff and students.
Improve business insights
  • A record of student interactions.
  • A range of dashboards provide key business insights, helping to shape services going forward.