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FAQ Medicine admissions 2021 entry

How many places are there for Home students on the medical course at QUB?

236. QUB and the Department of Health worked hard last year to ensure that any additional students who had to be deferred from 2020 would not reduce the number of places available to the 2021 cohort. 236 has been our normal intake for Home students for the last several years.

How many places are there for N Ireland students?

The medical school does not have a quota for any group of students within the Home category of student. Selection for interview is based on the scoring system outlined in the pdf document ‘How we choose our students- 2021 entry’ at,868259,en.pdf

How many places are there for GB students?

We do not have a quota for any group of students within the Home category of student. Selection for interview is based on the scoring system outlined in the pdf document ‘How we choose our students- 2021 entry’ at,868259,en.pdf

How many places for EU students?

In light of the UK’s departure from the European Union the assessment of EU applicants for fee status will follow the guidance provided from the UK and N Ireland Governments. This means that some EU applicants fall within the category of international fee status (and are competing for the 26 international places) whilst others may be entitled to the same fee status as N Ireland students.

In keeping with the special status between the ROI and N Ireland regulations mean ROI applicants will normally be treated the same as N Ireland students for fee status and therefore are competing within the 236 places for home students.

How many places are there for international  students?

There are normally 26 places for students in the international fee status category.

When will I get my offer?

The final ranking for offers cannot be made until all interviews are completed. Normally a small number of offers are given before the last interview date. However, the majority of offers will not be made available until early April 2021.

Will there be any early offers made this year?

This year there will be a small number of offers made early. These offers were released in mid-March.

What is the final date for decisions?

The final deadline for universities to make a decision about your UCAS application is the 20 May 2021. You will then have until 10 June to reply to your offers.

How many offers will be made this year?

The number of offers made this year following interview was 288 and the lowest ranked applicant to be made an offer was ranked 296. The reason for the difference is that some applicants had withdrawn their application before an offer was processed for them.

The number of places available to home applicants for 2021 entry is the normal 236 places. This number is fixed by the Department of Health and clinical placements. The Medical school are not allowed to exceed that number of entrants to first year. Normally the medical school would give more offers than there are places in the expectation that a significant number of those applicants would unfortunately not reach the final entry grades.

Recently the Departments of Education in Great Britain and N Ireland announced there will be no examination board set written examinations this summer. A level grades, for example, will now be based on teacher assessed grades. Experience of this procedure in summer 2020 meant many more applicants, with offers for a medical place, met their entry requirements than in previous years. To ensure that the medical school does not exceed the 236 home places we must monitor the number of offers awarded very carefully. This means unfortunately there will initially be a reduction in the number of offers made. This is in line with practices at most medical schools.

For various reasons more offers may be available as the admissions cycle progresses. We will redistribute these offers as soon as we can. At this stage, we do not anticipate making any further offers until August/September but we will continue to monitor applicant replies until 10 June when a final decision will be made.

At all times we will award offers based on a candidate’s ranking after interview to ensure fairness in the process.

What is the ratio of offers to interview for home student places?

Normally we state that when you come for interview we anticipate at least a 1 in 3 chance of an offer. This ratio is the same this year for home fee applicants.

How are offers awarded after interview?

After interview all candidates are placed in rank order. Offers are made based on that ranking alone.

IF two applicants have the same ranking after interview how is an offer awarded?

If two candidates have the same rank order but there was only one place then the offer is made to the candidate with the highest SJT score in the UCAT. This situation is explained in the Admissions policy at,868259,en.pdf

I have not yet received a decision on my application.

We wish to be open with candidates as to whether they have received an offer, or unfortunately been unsuccessful, as early in the admissions process as we can. This is to help you make your decisions about all your medical school offers. However, if your rank order is close to the initial offer cut off we may ask candidates to allow us to delay our decision until the UCAS decision deadline on 20 May 2021. We are then able to monitor applicant replies and determine if any further offers can be made. A letter from the admissions office in early April will let you know if you are in this group. Please contact or if you are in this group and are seeking further information.

I received an offer and want feedback on my performance at interview.

We do not give feedback on rank order to those candidates who have received an offer.

I have not received an offer after interview and would like feedback.

Please contact the admissions for medicine team at if you are a home student and if you are an international student. The feedback will provide you with your rank position after interview.  

I received a rejection and was not offered an interview. Am I likely to get an offer in August 2021?

We are sorry that you have been disappointed with your application to QUB Medical School this year. The threshold for being called to interview this year was 32 points. All applicants for medicine must go through the interview process. It is unlikely that the medical school will run interviews for admissions to medicine in August 2021. This document,868259,en.pdf includes details for those candidates who wish to consider applying for entry again. This document will be updated in the summer 2021 for those applying for 2022 entry.

I have received a rejection from the medical school after my interview. Is there a possibility of a place becoming available in August 2021?

We are sorry you have been disappointed by your result following the interview. There are many good applicants who may, unfortunately not receive an offer because of the competition for places. As we state in our admissions policy should any spaces become available after results are released in August 2021 then we return to the rank order made after interview. We make offers, in rank order, to those candidates who have fulfilled the entry requirements and do not already hold a place at another medical school.

I have been rejected by QUB this year but have a place at another medical school. Should I reject that place in the hope of spaces becoming available in QUB in August 2021?

Only you can make this decision. We can never predict how many, if any, places become available in August/September each year. We would strongly advise you to consider accepting the offer you already hold. You may end up with no medical place at all if you turn down an offer your hold.

The Medical School council website has information highlighting the increased number of applicants to Medicine across the UK this year together with comments on the fact that most medical schools have to give fewer offers in the light of the change in how grades are to be awarded.

I want to appeal my centre assessed examination grades as they do not meet my offer requirements?

If you plan to appeal your centre assessed grades please:

  1. Contact your school as soon as you can to discuss your appeal.
  2. Contact the admissions team on to let them know you have an appeal in place
  3. Each examination board has set dates by which an appeal can be launched.
  4. If your appeal is successful by the 7th September 2021 the medical school will endeavour to hold your place for you. However in a small number of instances we may need to defer your place to 2022 entry.

Will the medical school defer some applicants to entry in 2022?

There is no plan to defer any applicants to 2022 entry. However, in the unlikely event that more candidates meet their entry requirements than there are places the medical school will not exceed the 236 places for home applicants for entry this year. In that situation there may be a need to defer some candidates. Places would be allocated on the basis of rank order following interviews. In addition, applicants who were initially unsuccessful but following appeal have now satisfied the requirements would be offered deferred entry.

What happens if I decline my offer at Queens and then change my mind later in the admissions cycle?

After you reply to your offers you have a cooling off period (14 days) and if you change your mind you should contact UCAS regarding amending your replies. If you replied to your offers more than 14 days ago you will need to contact the university(s) and UCAS but there is no guarantee this will be possible.  Further information is available at

How are DBS (criminal record) checks being done this year?

Information will be sent to offer holders in June/July with information on what they need to do.

I have been rejected before interview can I apply again next year?

We welcome applications from candidates on a second occasion with certain criteria. Please read the admissions policy on repeat applications.,868259,en.pdf

Where will I get feedback ?

Please contact the admissions for medicine team at if you are a home student and if you are an international student.

Do you have a waiting list for offers?

If places do become available later in the admissions cycle in August or September we return to the rank order list made after interviews and the place will be offered to the next candidate on that list who has satisfied the normal entry requirements and does not hold a place at another medical school.

We do not consider applications from applicants who did not initally apply to QUB Medicine when submitting their UCAS application.


If your question is not answered in the above or you have any other queries then please contact the admissions for medicine team at if you are a home applicant  and of you are applying under the international fees ruling.